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!Free Syria, Free Palestine, Free Rohingya, Free every Muslim country

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I Hacked Your Website To Tell You An Important Message

  I Hacked This Website To Inform You About What Happens In Syria And Many Muslim Lands Everyday. Free Syria From The Blood Thirsty Dictator Bashar Al Assad And His Blood Thirsty Army The Syrian Army And All Assad's Allies, They Kill, Torture, And Slaughter Civilians Everyday For What Reason? Bashar Al-Assad Also Airstrikes Civilians
Also Chemical Weapons Are Used On Regular Children And Civilians That Have Not Done Anything Civilians Get Tortured And Killed What Is The Defense Of These Civilians? Nothing! Imagine All These People Killed But This Is Not An Imagination, This Is Realility! What Kind Of Person Kills And Tortures Civilians? This Is A Blood Thirsty Dictator With His Blood Thirsty Allies All These Civilians Being Killed For No Reason The Death Toll In Syria Is Now Over One Hundred Forty Thousand! Bashar Al-Assad And His Allies Have Killed So Many Civilians
Why Bashar Al-Assad? Why Do Civilians Have To Be Killed? What Did They Do? And also never forget Palestine! The Occupation, Torture, And Slaughter In Palestine Has Been There For Almost Seventy Years Now! The Blood Thirsty zionists Bomb, Torture, Slaughter, Kidnap, And Kill So Many Civilians In Palestine! They Even Bomb The Refugee Centres! Third, have you ever even heard about what is happening in Rohingya?! Of course not why would the media and news want to show you the all the true sides of the blood thirsty oppressors! Muslims are burned alive in Rohingya, shot, tortured, slaughtered, starved to death, their houses are burned and the children are left with no parents or anyone! You all say you're so "civilized"? So civilization means killing, slaughtering, bombing, burning, torturing, conducting genocide, on civilians?! Free Syria, Free Palestine, Free Rohingya, Free Every Muslim Country! I bare witness there is no God but Allah










Never Forget Syria

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